ARTWORK > The Stars and Abraham

Eight hand-made, multi-tier boxes with glass, enamel, mylar, graphite, and digital transfer.

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The Stars and Abraham

His image has been appropriated for a wide variety of needs today and his status is usually held as a recent profit to many. He has grown to such proportion that it’s hard to tell what he might have really been like. It seems Lincoln is there for the taking, in a sense, to interpret as you will or to use for one’s own needs like many other popular icons.

He tended to follow his personal instincts and took his time with the decisions he made before coming to a conclusion on issues both monumental and even the trivial. Not all of these actions were based purely on principles of morality as is often thought or hoped.

I both made up and tweaked existing constellations (there are plenty of stars to choose from) into problematic or incongruous entities. So Lincoln the mediator and ‘Great Emancipator’, religious skeptic and embodiment of what’s ‘right and true’, as an aberration quietly looks on from the sides…