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"The Preoccupied Occupant"
(Part 1 of a seamless, narrative loop)


HDV [12:30]
completed October, 2009

sound is important on this one. best to listen with headphones or dedicated speakers.

A narrative loop (in a single cycle here) devoid of dialogue and music with only the ambient sounds of various natural environments and his clanging bucket, we glean what information we can from an individual forever in search but shooting oneself in the foot.

Book-ended by his camp in a clear-cut at one end and the edge of the ocean at the other, we follow an individual on a large ellipse through forests on his way to and from both searching and retrieving though he seems to come up empty every time.

A somewhat indulgent meditation on the celebration of failure. A valiant effort in the face of unintentional self-imposed obstacles. Redundant and with a tenacious commitment to be applauded.

with Richard Moreau